Driving at Comet

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At Comet CaRE School, we realise that to be relevant and engaging to our students we must provide a relevant and appropriate curriculum to effectively engage and meet the needs of our students. Driving is just one skill which we endeavour to provide our students with. As well as increasing future employability it provides students with a real appreciation of road safety as well as a real sense of achievement and the beginning of their independence.

Learning to drive can be an expensive and daunting experience for some so we have tried to make learning to drive more accessible. At Comet we have employed the services of ‘Driving West Motor School’ to provide lessons to students with a learner’s permit. Driving Instructor Dirk Zarb Cousin has an excellent understanding of Comet’s client group and works hard to promote an environment of understanding and the responsibility of all road users to prioritise road safety above all else. Comet has undertaken to provide driving lessons to qualified students (with a learners permit) every week for the next year and we look forward to seeing more students fully engage with the Comet Curriculum and successfully navigate their Driver’s Licence.