Step 1:

Email your enquiry or referral to info@cometwa.com.au. A staff member will then be in touch to discuss the young person’s suitability for the program and the program’s suitability for the young person.


Step 2 

If the fit is right an enrolment visit will be organised. Referral to the Comet CaRE School will occur through a process that is inclusive of the young person, their family, referring agency and Comet staff.


Step 3

You will be required to complete the relevant referral or enrolment form. Staff will then help you complete a checklist during your enrolment visit. Please note that a wait list will be established if access to the program is not immediate, and the referral has been accepted.


Step 4

Feedback will be provided. If the application is successful, the young person will be invited to begin a two week trial period at Comet. If the young person is found not to be suitable, Comet staff are able to work with the young person and the relevant Regional Education Office to identify other alternative options.



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