How We Work

We understand that life can be complex and that each person’s path to success is unique. That’s why Comet operates differently from a traditional school;


High staff to student ratio

To make sure each student gets the support they need , we have small classes with 1 staff member for every 7 students.


Not just teachers 

Our school provides students with access to passionate teachers, youth workers, social workers, a psychologist and numeracy and literacy coaches.


A tailored approach 

We know that young people learn in different ways. That’s why we make our lessons engaging and hands on. We also take students on regular excursions to enhance their learning and increase their knowledge of potential career pathways.


Life skills 

Our students leave Comet with skills that will help them succeed in life. These include cooking, budgeting, social skills, conflict resolution, job-seeking, and interview skills.


Individualised support

We help students overcome their personal barriers and assist them to create an education plan that is meaningful to them.