Stories & Testimonials


“Comet means a lot to me, it has helped me overcome so many obstacles and has made me feel 100% better about myself.”


“Comet has helped me to achieve everything I wanted. I’m so grateful to everyone for their support and encouragement and their time they have put in to help me achieve my goals.”


“It’s an amazing environment which keeps me calm. It’s a place I come to Monday – Thursday and actually enjoy being there. The company is encouraging and they let me learn at my own pace, which I extremely appreciate. My saviour school.”


“The teachers seemed that they wanted to be there to help out the kids, not to be there just because they had to… It was great to have a youth worker and someone to turn to when I needed help.  I felt really comfortable in this place and felt as opposed to school it was not a threatening environment to be in.”


“I came to COMET as an unconfident and scared person because I was being beaten up constantly by girls at my old school. I was scared and didn’t want to go to school because of what had happened, so my mum encouraged me to go to Comet. At that point in time I didn’t even want to leave the house at all. My first day at Comet was scary but instantly I felt accepted and safe. I knew that I would be able to complete my education without feeling insecure. I have now been accepted into TAFE doing Administration Accounting and I will be coming back on my days off TAFE to complete my Certificate III.” – Jess


“To all the staff involved in the Comet program, we just wanted to say a huge thank you for supporting our son Tom to complete his Certs II and III. Incredibly to us, Tom is now planning to attend University this coming semester through an alternative entry pathway and it is all thanks to you guys.

Tom won’t mind me telling you that he found traditional high school completely bewildering – having to adapt to different teachers’ expectations and styles every hour or so as lessons changed was overwhelmingly difficult for him, and not long after he started in that system the strain and his distress at being unable to cope with it began to tell. His self-confidence and self-esteem hit an all-time low. We tried home schooling, and although it was much better for his psychological/emotional wellbeing in one sense, it was very isolating. Comet was the perfect solution: a safe, nurturing, but disciplined place in which our beloved child – for whom we kind of thought education was lost forever – could learn effectively.

We of course are hugely proud of Tom for taking what to him was a massive risk in trying the program out, but we also absolutely give enormous credit to the program staff for welcoming and ‘seeing’ him, and for supporting him so magnificently. He has really loved coming to the program and we are so grateful to everyone there: the team enabled Tom to access learning again and thanks to you all, he has been steered back towards a future he desperately wanted to be his but didn’t think would be possible.” – Tim & Sara


“Mainstream education did not work out for me. At that age I was not interested in school, I found it difficult to follow the rules, to complete homework and assignments in a specific time frame, and I found it difficult to communicate in a responsible manner towards peers and authority figures. My accommodation being unstable and an unstable income also made it difficult for me to attend school.

I stayed in TINOCA the Youth Futures WA crisis accommodation for about two and a half months. During this period the youth workers of TINOCA suggested Comet however my priorities were in the wrong place and I was not prepared for the responsibility of school. After TINOCA I found residence in a more long term hostel with Mercy Care. I stayed there for seven months, and within those months my priorities changed for the better.  I came to the realisation that I needed to complete school to get anywhere in life.

The Comet program is at your own pace, reasonable hours, and you get support from youth workers in relation to the questions and tasks within the work booklets. The work was not overly difficult and sometimes we had the option to play Uno or a game of some sort. This made it easier for me to complete work as there is no rush in completing work.

Now, I have completed my Year 10 in General Education and am able to apply for work without criticism. I have stable accommodation with a mate who I met through Comet and I have enrolled for TAFE. As of next year I will be studying Community Services Cert III and hopefully further down the track I can support young people with a career in youth work.” – Sammie